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Enterprise level, trusted by Fortune 500. Fast and efficient development. On-demand expertise. Exceptional value. Quality code and price guaranteed.

We provide on-demand strategic IT consulting services that are bring the best of business and technology worlds.

We approach every project by doing business diligence first, to learn in depth about business of our clients and goals they set for their project. Due to our extensive expertise, we often come up with ideas and approaches to solving their business problems that client did not think of.

Working with marquee clients across many different industries, we learned that even clients in vastly different industries share very similar business and technological challenges. This provided us with a unique opportunity to perfect solutions to these challenges and apply the lessons learned from working with one client to another, in a complete different sector.

Our expertise includes the following:

• Designing and developing custom software solutions from initial concept
• Digitizing and automating your operations
• Optimizing your software portfolio
• Upgrading your current systems to modern stacks

Blended On/Off Shore Model

We have blended on-shore/off-shore team that provides time-zone compatibility, clear communication, control over project management, and high productivity.
Complete Expertise

Our team is staffed with exceptional UI/UX designers, coders, analysts, QA/testers (both manual and automated), DevOps experts, DB admins, and scrum masters.
Very Deep Bench

We have deep bench, and we worked on some of the most complex projects for F100, all the way to startups with nothing but a concept and a vision.
On Demand Consulting

We can mobilize and engage with you within a few days, not weeks, from your initial request.
Overal Cost Reduction

Thanks to our blended model, you get senior software engineers at a significantly lower price compared to our competitors. We guarantee the price of delivery.

Why you may need software consulting

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with software. They range from inconveniences, slowdowns, and failures in the final solution that negatively affect the business in general to the implementation of an incomplete or entirely wrong solution that often means enormous amounts of wasted time and money. The potential problems involve:

In planning

In development

In team organization

Wrong technology choice

Chaotic code

Troubled team communication

Impracticality of the goals

Security issues

Poorly organized work

Underestimation requirements

Ineffective system integration

Non-optimal usage of resources


Portfolio Consulting
Our IT consultants will conduct a deep analysis of your business to learn how your employees use your existing enterprise applications. We will provide suggestions for the required changes, new development, and integration to remove the existing roadblocks.
Technology Selection
Our unprecedented depth in enterprise technology allows us to recommend the most appropriate technology for future solutions and for replacing outdated ones. Our independent third-party recommendations bring maximum value to your project.
Architecture Advisory
We have top Enterprise Architecture experts to help you transition from outdated IT systems and architectures to a modern cloud-based infrastructure, that allows addition of new technologies to your application portfolio.
Protect From Security Risks
We are up to date on evolving security threats and best practices and tools of multi-level control. We help you implement the highest standards of safety, confidentiality, integrity, and authentication to bulletproof your infrastructure.
Assure Software Quality
Our team establishes a comprehensive QA strategy if you don’t have one in place already. We will review your existing QA process and enhance it by removing efficiencies, and implementing best QA practices.

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